Musculoskeletal Podiatrist: Evaluate foot and lower limb function to explain sources of injury. Once overloaded tissues have been identified a rehabilitation programme will be proposed to restore normal pain free movement or sports participation. This will involve a tailored stretching and strengthening programme to meet individual needs, often harmonised with the wearing of inshoe devices called orthotics to accelerate this. They can be custom made or "off the shelf" devices adapted to meet a persons prescription.
John Guthrie is the premier Biomechanical Podiatrist in Edinburgh and makes your bespoke orthotic to order.

A Biomechanical assessment would involve gait analysis, exercises and possibly measurements for orthotics.

Footcare Podiatrist: To deal with issues relating to the foot specifically the soft tissue.
Treatments: Nail Care, Calus skin removal, corn treatment, verrucae treatment, conservative involuted nail treatment, footwear and general foot health advice. 
Alex Duran is a member of the society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

"I found out that a successful foot operation was not the end of the story. The podiatry sessions ensured that the pain from swelling and sensitivity of my feet could be managed and this was a great relief."


Biomechanical Assessment with John Guthrie £53.00 for 45mins
Podiatry Footcare Initial  £53 for 45mins


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