Pilates Instructor

Susan has always enjoyed keeping fit and being involved in physical exercise.
She is a PMA approved Level 2 Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor and she trained and qualified whilst living in Canada. Her passion for Pilates grew after the birth of her two sons. In the process of working hard to reconnect with her own body she began to understand how transformative Pilates exercises could be and was inspired to train to become a Pilates Instructor.
She enjoys working with everyone from experienced practitioners, to people trying Pilates for the first time, driven by the belief that Pilates can benefit everyone. Her experience working with ice hockey teams and rowers, when she lived in Canada, helped her to understand how Pilates can help support sports men and women of all ages and skill levels.
As a teacher she does all she can to empower her students to understand that the greater awareness they have about their own bodies, the more they can work towards leading the most active, healthy and pain- free lives that they can.

Pilates Teacher, Massage Therapist

Marina is a trained Spanish Physiotherapist, Pilates Teacher for both Matwork and Studio and a Massage Therapist

Pilates Teacher, Physiotherapist


Matwork venues: Tues @ Stockbridge

Lisa is a Chartered Physiotherapist who qualified in 1991 and worked in the NHS from then until 2000.Here she gained invaluable experience in treating and rehabilitating patients with both acute and chronic conditions.and Matwork Instructor. Lisa has worked in Private Practice since 1993 in Sports Medicine Clinics and Rugby clubs. It was during this time became interested in Pilates for both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Convinced Pilates is the way forward for whole body health, Lisa trained with Body Control Pilates. Lisa uses her Physiotherapy knowledge to enhance her Pilates classes and in so doing enables her clients to reach their full potential.

Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Juliet has been with Balanced since 2011. Prior to this she had 20 years experience within the NHS. At Balanced, Juliet does Physiotherapy and Pilates, and treats a variety of different musculoskeletal and rheumatological conditions.  With her physiotherapy clients, Juliet uses massage, mobilisation techniques, manual therapy and taping as treatment modalities.  With Pilates clients, she offers 1:1 sessions to teach and progress core exercises appropriate for each individual. Often a combined hands on session/ pilates session works and can compliment progress.
Juliet is trained as an APPI matwork pilates instructor.

Pilates Studio and Matwork, Physiotherapy, Apos Therapy

Sinead has worked for Balanced since January 2013 and splits her time doing physiotherapy, pilates and AposTherapy. 
Her special interest is sports injuries, although she treats a variety of conditions and injuries. 
With her physiotherapy clients, Sinead uses a combination of manual therapy, dry needling, massage and taping when required. Her background in Pilates allows her to prescribe the most appropriate exercises for each client specific for them. 
Sinead is trained in both matwork and equipment pilates which she uses daily with her clients.
She is also the team physiotherapist for RHC Cougars rugby club and has previously worked with a semi professional rugby club, Counties Manakau, in New Zealand where she worked on injury prevention and rehab. It is this knowledge that she applies in her rehab programs for each client. 

Pilates Matwork

I am Originally from New Zealand but have been in Scotland for 12 years. I started going to Pilates classes when I was working as a pastry chef and suffered from back pain and had very bad posture due to the strain of the job. As I went to more classes and started to understand Pilates more I began to love how it made me feel so strong and how it changed my body. Leaving my job as a pastry chef I went to become a pilates instructor in 2015. Over the summer I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training. 
The best part about teaching is seeing how excited and happy someone is when they have worked hard to achieve something they never thought they would be able to do.

Jackie Rochmankowska graduated from Queen Margaret College Edinburgh with a BSc in Physiotherapy in 1990. She has focused her work on the treatment of clients with musculoskeletal injuries since then, including trauma, sports injuries, spinal conditions and rheumatology as well as adolescent clients with any of these. Over the years she has studied extensively at post graduate level and more recently has found her Pilates training to be of particular benefit to her clients.


Pilates Instructor

Daz's career in health and fitness  first began whilst studying as undergraduate at Dundee University. What began initially as a hobby and a means of self improvement soon crystalised itself into a way of life. 

Subsequently graduating with a Diploma in Sports Management from Moray House University he underwent formal training in his spare time to become an accredited personal trainer which would allow him to share his energy and enthusiasm for fitness with others in a professional capacity.

Over the years that followed he has worked both within the UK and overseas as a Personal Trainer and has had the privilege of being able to work along side top strength and conditioning coaches, sports therapists and trainers, whose friendship and knowledge have helped him to refine and continue to broaden his own skill base. Most recently working in London for 2 years as a Reformer Pilates Teacher for Ten Pilates, London’s leading provider of Dynamic Reformer Pilates and Personal Training.

Pilates Instructor

Amy has always had a love of sports and movement of any kind. She has explored various types of body conditioning practices, including both Yoga and Gyrokinesis, helping to balance the demands of her running, cycling and golf pursuits.

Amy started to specifically concentrate on her Pilates practice when she was a student, realising the true benefits that increased strength, flexibility, body and breath awareness were having on her daily routine and performance in sports. Her commitment to her own practice awakened her desire to further her study and pursue the possibility of teaching, gaining certification as a Matwork Level 3 teacher with Body Control Pilates in London. Amy strongly believes that empowerment starts from inner strength; a healthy body and mind; and good quality movement. She believes the Pilates method should be adopted into everyone's busy modern lifestyles; improving posture, energy, mental concentration and mindfulness.

Amy is one of the first students to have undertaken the Body Control Pilates for Golfers qualification which allows her to specialise in this particular discipline, incorporating her passion for both Pilates and golf. Playing from a young age, Amy competes and plays golf at both Club, League and County level. When not practising and teaching Pilates, or improving her putting, Amy works as a commercial solicitor between Edinburgh and Fife. Find out what she's doing on Instagram (@Espace_Wellbeing)

Kevin discovered Pilates while pursuing a university degree in dance and dancing professionally in Texas. He completed his certification in 2004 through the Pilates Center of Austin under the direction of Wendy Arbuckle-Leblanc, a renowned and well-respected teacher of teachers in the States. Upon being certified, Kevin was recruited by a Pilates studio in Paris,France, joining the first wave of teachers bringing the value of the Pilates method into the country. While working in Paris, Kevin had the opportunity to work with a group of instructors, teaching a wide range of clientèle, including several international celebrities.

Kevin has now relocated to Edinburgh for a Masters of Science in Dance Science and Education at the University of Edinburgh. He is a valued member of the team at Balanced and will be teaching mat and studio Pilates as well as Barre.

Pilates Instructor

BenBrown has taught Pilates since 2001 setting up Pilates Works with a network of classes and studio's in Edinburgh. Ben combined his Pilates and business knowledge with Judith Paterson in 2014 to create Balanced.
Ben has taught elite golfers, footballers, rugby players and olympians. He also runs twwo pro bono classes each week for those with MS and from Maggies Centre each week.
Ben is particularly interested in those needing rehab from injuries and illness and elite performers or those wanting to push themselves to reach a goal. 
Ben Teaches in stockbridge in the studio on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday using the rest of his time to run Balanced.

Studio & Matwork Pilates Instructor


Studio and Matwork venues: Wed @ Stockbridge, Fri @ Stockbridge

Nora discovered Pilates 10 years ago during rehabilitation from a running injury. She has been hooked ever since and is convinced Pilates balanced her marathon training and helped her over the finish line all 3 times.

Nora firmly believes Pilates is for everyone and went on to train as a teacher with Body Control in London. Nora advocates that Pilates brings balance, and that movement is fundamental. Increased awareness and precision come with practise of the method and the importance of good technique is key.

Nora has also recently qualified as a Barre Concept Teacher after training with Pilates Union. Barre Concept is a method combining ballet, pilates, yoga and fitness training. This hot new workout is popular amongst celebrities and promises great results.

Nora continues to be inspired by the variety and progression offered by the Pilates method, which means she can ensure her clients will find what they need from Pilates……and have fun on the way!

Matwork Pilates Instructor

Jan joined Balanced Edinburgh as a matwork instructor in 2007, after qualifying with Body Control Pilates. She enjoys teaching the pilates method to help clients become more body aware as well as stronger and more flexible.  She has also qualified as a Back4Good® Practitioner, a pilates programme that can help people with non-specific low back pain.  
Jan combines her pilates teaching with having a desk job, so she understands first hand, the negative effects of sedentary work and how to counteract this.  She believes Pilates is the ideal exercise programme for balancing mind and body and as a keen rock climber, walker and cyclist, she understands the benefits of using pilates to complement other sports. 
Jan continues to develop her skills and knowledge in pilates and movement - more recently undertaking extensive training and assessment in pilates for bone health and osteoporosis.
She is known for teaching fun, challenging classes and she actively encourages clients to ask questions and get know how to develop sound movement patterns.  As Jan says, ‘the trick is to keep moving.’

Matwork Pilates Instructor


Sonia came to Pilates in 2004 after suffering with back-related pain. She noticed how her back and body felt after the very first session and knew this was going to make a big difference. This inspired her to train as a Pilates teacher and recently she qualified as a Pilates Matwork Instructor with Body Control Pilates.

Sonia believes that being aware of your own body is one of the most valuable things you can learn about yourself and this in turn can help manage pain. Sonia looks forward to showing others how they can incorporate Pilates into their routines to stay fit, active and healthy.

In addition to Pilates, Sonia uses her knowledge and experience of other mind/body methods such as Ashtanga yoga and the Alexander Technique to inspire and influence her knowledge and teaching of Pilates. Sonia is also a fully certified Gyrokinesis method. www.gyrotonic.com
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