Pilates Maternity

Susan has always enjoyed keeping fit and being involved in physical exercise.
She is a PMA approved Level 2 Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor and she trained and qualified whilst living in Canada. Her passion for Pilates grew after the birth of her two sons. In the process of working hard to reconnect with her own body she began to understand how transformative Pilates exercises could be and was inspired to train to become a Pilates Instructor.
She enjoys working with everyone from experienced practitioners, to people trying Pilates for the first time, driven by the belief that Pilates can benefit everyone. Her experience working with ice hockey teams and rowers, when she lived in Canada, helped her to understand how Pilates can help support sports men and women of all ages and skill levels.
As a teacher she does all she can to empower her students to understand that the greater awareness they have about their own bodies, the more they can work towards leading the most active, healthy and pain- free lives that they can.

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