Osteopathy is a medical musculoskeletal therapy with an emphasis on the management and treatment of individuals with pain and or injury.
Our Osteopathic service combines knowledge from many realms of musculoskeletal therapies including orthopaedic, sports and pain medicine to manual and physical therapy interventions to assess, understand and treat our patients individual presentations. 
Our Osteopathic service also appreciates additional lifestyle factors such as sleep quality, behavioural factors, nutritional considerations, fitness levels and an individual’s capacity to recover from their physical ideals. We appreciate that ultimately these factors may influence your unique experience of pain, injury rehabilitation or physical performance outcomes. 
Our osteopathic service aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of your presentation and to ultimately provide you with the necessary tools to improve your physical confidence, functionality, alleviate pain and begin your path to a successful recovery.
"I have experienced immediate benefits for the first session and after a number of sessions I was able to walk with an increased level of ease and could sleep much better at night."


60 minutes £
45 minutes £53
30 minutes £45


To book, please call us on 0131 315 3105 or email info@balancededinburgh.co.uk


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