Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based way of improving your health through dietary changes.  It aims to address any underlying imbalances and encourage our bodies' natural healing processes. This is one of the core principles of a functional medicine approach to healthcare.  It is personalised and considers each individual's case history.  Kate's role is not only to help you identify which foods are best suited to your needs, but also to give you meal ideas and recipe suggestions so you can easily follow your dietary plan.

Nutritional Therapy may help improve health issues such as:
    •    digestive problems 
    •    low energy 
    •    food intolerances
    •    weight management
    •    inflammatory disorders 
    •    hormone-related problems
    •    auto-immune issues

Your Consultations
    •    Kate will go through a diet and health questionnaire with you that you will have completed before you meet. 
    •    She will explain the possible connections between your diet and health concerns.
    •    Together you will agree on a diet plan that is achievable . 
    •    You may be recommended tests and/or supplements if pertinent.
    •    You leave with practical ideas you can put into place.
    •    You will meet again in 4 weeks to determine progress/discuss any test results and make changes to the plan as necessary.

Functional Testing

Kate uses a wide array of tests from medical laboratories.  These include:
    •    stool analysis (microbiome assessment)
    •    SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
    •    stress hormones (cortisol and DHEA)
    •    full thyroid screen
    •    genetic profiling
    •    nutrient levels
    •    oxidative stress
Kate also offers Metabolic Balance - a highly effective and personalised 3 month programme for weight loss and inflammation control based on over 35 markers in your blood chemistry (incl:  inflammatory markers, liver and kidney function, blood sugar, thyroid hormones)  and your medical history.
"Knowledge is power and these consultations have been great at accessing the relevant advice and guidance that I needed for areas such as weight management and lowering body fat."


Initial Consultation (90 minutes) £90
Follow Up (45 minutes) £50


To book a Nutrition Consultation, please call us on 0131 315 3105 or email
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