We can help you make lasting changes to your health with nutritional advice. Nutritional therapy may be effective in the management of weight loss/body fat; body detox; help decrease fatigue; balancing of hormones; and managing inflammatory conditions such as Arthritis.
Our nutritional therapist, Kate Swaine, creates tailored dietary plans to help improve your health.  Kate has a particular interest in digestive problems, hormones, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.   
In an initial consultation, you and Kate will go through a detailed form together, based on your symptoms, your lifestyle and your current diet.  You are then given recommendations and practical ideas to fit in with your lifestyle.    Along with dietary changes, you may be given supplement recommendations. Progress is  monitored a month later.   
Kate frequently organises specific tests for her clients.  These include gut microbiology, food intolerances, hormones (adrenal, thyroid, sex) and nutrient deficiencies. 
Kate also offers Metabolic Balance - a 3 month programme for weight loss and inflammation control based on over 35 markers in your blood chemistry.

"Knowledge is power and these consultations have been great at accessing the relevant advice and guidance that I needed for areas such as weight management and lowering body fat."


Initial Consultation (90 minutes) £90
Follow Up (45 minutes) £50


To book a Nutrition Consultation, please call us on 0131 315 3105 or email
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