At Balanced we offer pregnancy massage, pre and post natal pilates classes and hypnobirthing courses.

Pregnancy massage meets the needs of mums-to-be and can be tailored to be a firm or relaxing massage. Treatment is adapted throughout each trimester and often uses other techniques such as gentle stretching and light lymphatic drainage. Extra pillows are used to support your body and to ensure you get the full relaxation benefits of the massage. Foot and calf massage is also a lovely way to ease tired and painful feet or ease swollen ankles.

Massage may also help ease aches and pains after the birth of your baby.

Pilates classes allow you to strenthen your body to support your changing posture while learning techniques to relieve muscles that naturally tighten. You will also learn posttnatally the importance of "knitting" your abdominal muslcles back together and how rebuilding the core is essential to your well being, posture and how this can relieve other stiff / sore areas.


"The classes have been fantastic throughout my pregnancy. They have left me feeling rejuvenated and uplifted after each session. I would highly recommend these classes for any expecting mums."


Pregnancy Massage
60 minutes £48
45 minutes £38
30 minutes £28
Pre and Post Natal Pilates £120 for an eight week course


To book a Massage please call us on 0131 315 3105 or email
To book Pre and Post Natal Pilates please use our online booking system


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