AposTherapy® is an innovative non-surgical and drug-free treatment for knee pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The AposTherapy® treatment was developed by orthopaedic doctors and is based around a unique individually-adjusted device that is worn on the foot for around an hour a day whilst going about normal daily activities. This makes the AposTherapy® treatment programme an effective and highly convenient option. Over 50,000 patients have already been treated worldwide.

The AposTherapy® treatment programme brings your body into optimal alignment, thus reducing the pressure and strain on painful areas in the joint. As you walk, it stimulates and retrains your muscles, ultimately re-educating your body to adopt a corrected and less painful walking style, even when you are not wearing the device. The personalised treatment re-educates the brain and muscles to work correctly in order to provide better joint stability and re-establish a more symmetrical walking pattern, leading to lasting pain relief and improved function.

Your first step is to book a no obligation, free inital assessment. This will allow you to be assessed by a physiotherapist trained in AposTherapy®. Your gait will be analysed on the laser optogait to look for any abnormalities and you will be allowed to try the device to see if it is the correct course of action to take. Results are sometimes immediate so this free assessment is an easy decision to make and to find out if Apos Therapy® will be right for you. If it is you will be talked through the payment options. Remember if you have medical insurance you may be covered.

To book a free consultation call us on 0131 315 3105 (option 2)

"I have been very satisfied with my AposTherapy treatment. I was previously advised to go for an operation, but since I have been using AposTherapy, I have not looked back. My knee is much better now and it means I can do many things that I would not have been able to do previously."


1.Through private medical insurance scheme
2.Funding your own treatment through self-pay package
Total cost of £2,480.00


To book Apostherapy please call us on 0131 315 3105 or email info@balancededinburgh.co.uk