Treatment Procedure

Initially a FREE of charge, no obligation, initial consultation is booked, this takes around 90 minutes and can be booked by calling Balanced on 0131 315 3105, option 2.

To begin treatment, we evaluate your pain levels, stiffness and quality of life. Using questionnaires and a Computerised Gait Analysis - where a Physiotherapist will measure your walking speed, step length and the amount of time spent on each leg during the gait cycle. A full Physiotherapy assessment of your ankle, knee hip and lower back will also be performed to assess for range of motion and muscle strength. Based on the results from your Physiotherapy assessment, gait lab and questionnaires, we will then determine your suitability for treatment. If you are suitable the Physiotherapist will discuss exactly how Apostherapy could be used to help your condition.

Personalised Calibration of Device

Taking into account your pain, condition and balance, a device will be calibrated to meet your specific needs. If you suffer with pain when walking a short distance you are likely to feel an immediate benefit once we get the calibration right for you. This can sometimes take a little time while the Physiotherapist tries different configurations in order to get the optimum result.

Treatment Programme

Should you decide to begin an Apostherapy treatment package, the Physiotherapist will provide you with a personally tailored treatment programme and will discuss safe use of the device. Your next appointment will then be booked approximately 1 month later.

Treatment blends into your daily life and requires wearing the device for just a few hours a day at home or in work. You should wear the device doing day to day activities including standing, walking short distances and sitting to rest between bursts of activity. While wearing the device your body will adopt the correct movement patterns, thus relieving pressure on your affected area.

The Treatment Package

An initial treatment package includes the initial consultation and 5 follow ups spread throughout the year. You can also contact your Physiotherapist between appointments to discuss any concerns you may have.

At each follow up the questionnaires and gait analysis are repeated and the results compared to previous appointments. The Physiotherapist will discuss your treatment programme, current symptoms and if necessary, adjust the calibration of your device.

As you progress with treatment and your symptoms improve, the device can be made more challenging by increasing the convexity of the pertupods. Time wearing the device can also be increased to further stimulate the muscles and encourage carryover into everyday footwear.



Benefits of APOS Maintenance:

We recommend seeing you a minimum of every 6 months.

Prices are as follows per year:

Standard £680 – 4 follow ups
Intermediate £540- 3 follow ups
Basic £400- 2 follow ups
One off appointment £250